Detective Millie Vizcarrondo (nypd_millie_viz) wrote,
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo

Isabel's birthday party || open RP thread


What: Isabel's 4th birthday!
Where: Donnie Cragen's house, Westchester County, NY.
When: Saturday, July 17th
Time: 1PM-4PM

Set-up is pretty simple: backyard with an awesome built-in pool, snack food, hotdogs and drinks. I've decided to put up two threads in this post, which I will do as soon as I post this: one for arrivals and one for when Isa opens her presents, because DUH, PRESENTS ARE THE BEST PART. If those work out/people are being amused, I will put up other threads for like, pinata-smashing or something. To quote Nic, MMM-HMM.
Tags: birthday party, isabel, open rp thread
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