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Detective Millie Vizcarrondo

Just another average day... || RP thread for David Dresden

Millie sat in the lab, bouncing a stress ball off her desk. Bounce. Catch. Bounce. Catch. This was what her work day was down to? She should've been glad there was a downswing in crime. But entertaining herself was getting old fast and it was only midday.

Millie sighed and tore open a package of PixiStix, downing the sugar quickly. She was going to need the energy. No sooner had she finished than the lab phone rang.

"Yeah?" she answered. It was Cragen.
"Hey, Millie," the captain said, "Do me a favor?"
"Only because you keep Mike in line," she said. Then, "No, really, what is it?"
"Those DNA swabs you've got for Munch and Lanier--you done with those?" he asked.
"Uh, yeah, finished those an hour ago. Called Munch and surprise, he didn't answer his phone," Millie explained.
"Would you mind takin' them down to IA? Since you're in the same building and all?" Cragen asked. "They need to go to Johnson or Dresden."
"Sure," Millie said, glad for something to do.

Five minutes later, Millie was on the elevator, headed up to Internal Affairs. When she got out, she headed to David Dresden's desk.

Seeing him sitting peacefully at his desk, Millie called out, "Hey Dresden, think fast!"

She threw the stress ball his way.
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