Detective Millie Vizcarrondo (nypd_millie_viz) wrote,
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo

You know what's nice about having a newborn at Thanksgiving? Everyone else does all the work. We had dinner at our place, under the condition that I wasn't gonna do a damn thing. It worked out pretty well. My brother Ray made the turkey. Between Gracie, Pedra and my mom, all the side dishes and desserts were taken care of. Oh, and Isabel "helped" Mike make a pumpkin pie.

I didn't even really straighten up since the place was just gonna get messy with all the kids running around. My mom stayed after and cleaned when everyone left. Yeah, there are definitely perks. Plus, the baby was adorable in the outfit Pedra and David gave him, along with the hat we found for him at the Christmas market. Isabel has her own hat, which she's hardly taken off since the day we got them.

Oh, and the baby has a new nickname. Isabel kept referring to him as "the kitten" so much that Miike and I started saying it while we're around her, out of habit. It's been shortened to "Kit." He seems to be okay with it.
Tags: family, isabel, kit, mike, thanksgiving
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