Detective Millie Vizcarrondo (nypd_millie_viz) wrote,
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo

Back to work [open RP]

OOC note: Millie's back to work, so feel free to have your character drop by the lab! I'm definitely up for more than one thread going on!

Millie stood at a counter in the Crime Scene Unit lab, examining thread fibers underneath a microscope.

"Dammit," she muttered to herself as she increased the magnification of the lens. It was her first day back after being on maternity leave and in some ways it felt like she'd been gone months, not weeks.

She'd been with CSU since her days in Evidence Collection as a uniform, and normally Millie didn't mind labwork, but days like today made her miss being out on a beat. She had a gun, but rarely used it - only took it to crime scenes, really. Normally, that was just fine. Today, Millie wanted to chase down a perp or snap at a witness, or hell, even just drive the CSU van over the speed limit.

With a sigh, she wrote down the description of the thread she'd just examined and picked up the next evidence sample.
Tags: open rp thread
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