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Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
17 November 2009 @ 07:20 pm
In case you haven't heard, instead of having dessert on Mike's birthday, we had a baby!

I'm a little late in announcing it (what with the whole 'having given birth' thing and all) but David Michael Logan arrived last Friday, November 13th at 9:07PM. He weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz.

On Alex's desk Tuesday morning, there's a manila envelope. When she opens it, there is a homemade card made out of construction paper. On the front, there are a couple of blobby people and some shapes, brightly (and enthusiastically) colored. Inside, there are a jumble of random words - 'book,' 'cookie,' 'cat' and 'tree'. Underneath, in Millie's handwriting, it says, "Thank you for babysitting me, Auntie Alex!" Isabel's name, in her own handwriting, is written at the bottom. There's a note from Millie tucked into the envelope as well. It reads, "Alex - thanks again for everything. Mike, Millie and Baby David."
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
13 November 2009 @ 06:50 pm
Friday morning

It's Mike's birthday. I'm already off work and he took the day off. We don't have much planned - a day of relaxing and hanging out with Isa, then dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. Should be nice.
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
08 November 2009 @ 05:44 pm
I've got about two and a half weeks left. I'm supposed to be going on leave next week...which I'm actually looking forward to. I need to rest up.
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
07 October 2009 @ 11:19 pm
Isabel learned how to write her name at preschool.

Ya know how when she was like, a year old, all she'd ever say was her own name? "Sah" this and "Sah" that? Now, she wants to write it everywhere.

I'm trying to get "ISA" off the refrigerator. Anyone have any good permanent marker removal suggestions?
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
01 October 2009 @ 05:08 am
We've got our costumes picked out already. Yeah, it's early, but our family likes Halloween (c'mon, candy and pranking people? It's like the day has "Logan" written alllll over it).

Mike's gonna be Batman because...he's always Batman. He's determined to wear that damn suit till he dies. Actually, I think that might be one of the stipulations in his will - "bury me in the Bat costume."

Isabel keeps saying she wants to be a pirate. I think she may have picked that up at school from one of her new preschool friends. That's so weird. I think my three-year old has more friends than I do. Did you know "So-and-so did it" is a preschooler's faaavorite excuse? (Ay, and it makes me wonder how many kids go home doing bad stuff and tell their parents, "Isa did it." or "Isa said it.")

Me? I'm gonna be a nun. He he he.
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
23 September 2009 @ 06:02 pm
...my kid thinks my belly can be popped like a balloon.

Had to get the wise-ass, didn't I? (I blame MIKE. He encourages her.)

The new one better not be as bad.

...yeah, I just referred to my kids like they're versions of a computer program. Version 1.0 has the super-special Wise-Ass feature. I'm hoping Version 2.0 will come without that option...
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
07 September 2009 @ 06:50 pm
[[This is aimed at the Logan and Dresden-Eames families, however if anyone feels inclined to crash the not-party, feel free to.]]

While Mike puttered around on the roof getting things ready for the small barbecue they had planned for that afternoon, Millie chased Isabel through the apartment.

"Get. Back. Here." Millie stopped to catch her breath. "You can't swim naked, you little psycho-kid."

She was answered by a round of giggles from Isabel, who peeked her curly-haired head out of the guest bedroom. "I will!"

"Yeah, and do you want everyone to see you like that?" Millie raised her brows.
"...no." Mostly, Isabel had just wanted to see how far she could push Millie, wondering if her Mami would actually chase after her, what with that silly baby kitten slowing her down.
"And do you want a spank for not listening?" Millie's hand was on her hip, stern look still in place.
"No, no, no," Isabel conceded, running over and letting Millie dress her. She was hardly ever actually spanked, and when she was, it was light, but the threat usually worked.

"Let me put your hair up," Millie said, back in the living room, once Isa was in her swimsuit.
"Nooo, I'ma wild thing," Isabel said, raising both hands to cover her head.
Millie sighed. "All right. But tomorrow for school, you can't be a wild thing. You gotta let me fix it up all nice and pretty."
Isabel made a face, but didn't object.
"Go get your pool toys," Millie said. "They're in the closet in the empty room."
Isabel ran to the guest bedroom to get her plastic container full of toys for the wading pool. Millie, meanwhile, leaned against the couch, waiting, wondering when the Eames-Dresden family would get there. She hadn't told Isabel that Ellie was coming, hoping to surprise her.
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
02 September 2009 @ 09:37 pm
We decided on a middle name - Michael, after Mike - so the baby's gonna be called David Michael Logan. He's started to kick, finally. I was a little worried - Isabel kicked a lot more and was generally a lot more active. I'm hoping it means this kid will be laid back. Mike says it means he's lazy and has started calling him "Lazy Baby." Isabel still calls him "the kitty cat." ...who does that? My family, that's who.

Work's starting to tire me out more, even just being on the desk and running papers around. Since I had problems with Isabel, the doctor's keeping a close watch and said that anything that comes up could be cause to put me on bed rest.

I. Do. Not. Want. Bed. Rest.

I'll go freakin' crazy.

I'm already going crazy at my desk in the lab. I think Henley's been bribing Simmons to keep an eye out for me. Swear to god, that kid is at my desk a dozen times a day, asking me if everything's all right or if I need anything.

...you know, I think I could use that to my advantage.
Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
Friday, August 28, a little before 7:00PM

Millie arrived early at the Chinese restaurant, setting up the tables that the waitstaff had already put together. Initially, she hadn't been too sure about organizing a bachelorette party for Claire. Parties she could do - she knew how to have a good time and make sure everyone else did, too -- but a bachelorette party where the bride and the matron-of-honor were both pregnant would be a challenge. Plus there was the fact that Claire tended to go the non-traditional road most of the time.

Finally, Millie decided the party would be a mix of bachelorette party tradition (there would, at some point in the night, be a trip to a male strip club) and the quieter, more personalized style that Claire enjoyed. To achieve the latter, the evening would start off at the Chinese restaurant she knew Claire liked. The party was set up in the banquet room area toward the back, mostly closed off from the rest of the eatery -- intimate, and yet allowing them to get rowdy if they happened to.

Quickly, as she'd been running a bit late, Millie decorated the tables. At each place setting, there was a takeout carton with the bride and groom's names, plus the date of the wedding, tied nicely with black and red ribbons.

Inside the cartons, however, the party favors were less than classy. Each carton contained the following: a Pecker Inspector Badge (as a police officer, Millie thought it was her duty to buy them), a Condom on a Stick, a bag of Yummy Gummy Peckers, a container of Sexy Party Bubbles, and a Pecker Drink Stirrer.

There were balloons tied to the chairs (Millie had opted for simple red and black, instead of the penis balloons - hard choice, it was true) and plastic, take-with-you margarita glasses. Millie and Claire would be filling theirs with non-alcs, but everyone else could enjoy actual alcohol in them and take them with them wherever the night happened to lead them.

At Claire's seat there was both a Bachelorette Tiara and a Bachelorette Sash. At each bridesmaid seat, there was a Bridesmaid Sash. Draped over all the other chairs were multi-colored, glittery featherboas.

After setting everything out, Millie leaned against a chair to take a breath, and waited for people to start arriving.