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Detective Millie Vizcarrondo

Detective Millie Vizcarrondo
2 March 1975
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As I Sing Into the Wind

This journal is kept as part of the Law & Order RPG community, lawandorder_siu. I am not Millie Vizcarrondo, or the actress who portrays her, Paula Garces. This is all in good fun. For more information about the game, check out SIU.

Name: Millie Vizcarrondo, Detective 2nd Grade
Age: 34
Squad: Is a Crime Scene Unit technician, working with the NYPD's crime lab.

Millie grew up in Spanish Harlem in New York City. Her mother is Colombian and her father is Puerto Rican. Her father was a police officer with NYPD, and he died nearly three years ago. Her mother is a retired factory worker. She has three brothers, Oscar, Ray and David. As the only girl in the family she learned to fend for herself at a young age. She is very independent and stubborn. She often gave her parents headaches as a rambunctious child and then rebellious teenager.

Her father, Oscar Sr., was a fingerprint analyst for the NYPD and was someone that Millie, having not spent that much time with as a child due to his work, idolized.

It was only natural then that Millie went to CUNY's renowned John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In 1998, she graduated with her degree in Forensic Science. Shortly after, she became a police officer with the NYPD. She started off as she had hoped, as part of the Evidence Collection squad – a unit of uniformed officers assigned to collecting evidence for the CSU technician detectives. She worked in Evidence Collection until mid 2003. From the beginning, she was hard-working and inquisitive, throwing herself into her work and eager to eventually move up into CSU. Her father had never made detective and it was something that she wanted him to see her do.

In 2002-2003, after getting involved in an emotionally abusive relationship, Millie began to withdraw from her family and friends. It was clear to them that she had changed—going from sociable and relatively happy to quiet and dejected. It finally got to the point where she knew she had to get out, but was too prideful to admit that she had been wrong. Feeling like she had no escape, and wanting to make sure her fiancé would not want to continue the relationship, she enlisted in the Army reserves and served a year in Afghanistan.

It was an extreme choice, made irrationally, but at first, she was not afraid. She had considered becoming a police officer and the idea of guns and the physical exertion were not ones that daunted her. She excelled in her training courses and by the time she left for the Middle East, she had started to feel a little more like herself.

The realities of a possibly-unwinnable, brutal war shot down any confidence she had begun to build back up. Her time “over there” is not something that she discusses very often. When she came back, although she was no longer in the relationship that had caused her to flee, the after-effects still remained. In addition, there were a host of other problems brought on by her experiences in Kabul.

In late 2004, Millie came back to New York, and to the NYPD.

2005 would prove to be a busy one for Millie, and not an emotionally easy one. She was still coping with the after-effects of being overseas. Since she had returned, she’d thrown herself into her work even more than she had before.

In January of 2005, she was rewarded for her five and a half years in Evidence Collection with a promotion to Detective. Her areas of interest/strength on the job are: chemical analysis in the lab, computers and fingerprint analysis.

Her father was able to see her reach this milestone, but barely. In July of 2005, he passed away. This is still something that, two and a half years later (March 2008), Millie struggles with reconciling.

In the months that followed, Millie began to look through an old cold case that her father had spent much of his police career pursuing. She had grown up with the case – that of a Hispanic boy who had been found in a refrigerator box in the early 1970s. His name and his murderer were unknown. When Millie was growing up, her father spent more time on the boy in the box than he did with his own children and it had always been both a thing of fascination and resentment for her. With her father’s death, she believed she owed it to him to solve it.

In November 2005, while continuing her investigation of the boy in the box (which had become more like an obsession than a hobby for her at that point), she crossed paths with the Special Victims Unit, who had a similar case. The SVU's case, about the discovery of the bodies of four Hispanic boys who had been missing since the 1970s, ended up being related to her father’s boy in the box a few years prior to the other boys' disappearances.

For her work on both cases, which at that point had become fairly publicized, Millie was promoted to Detective 2nd grade. More of her work began to be with specialized squads, such as SVU and Major Case.

It was in this capacity that she met Detective Mike Logan. In January 2006, their relationship became a romantic one. By March, their whirlwind romance had already seen many ups and downs, but the two were determined to make it work, particularly upon finding out that Millie was pregnant. After the news, they married and began to adjust. Going from a dating relationship to a married-and-pregnant one was not without its' problems, but it's not anything that Millie would trade. Although it was their tempers and problems with "The Job" that drew them together, she sees a side of Logan that not many get to - the calmer, gentler man outside of the interrogation room. She loves him and believes firmly that their relationship was meant to be.

In July 2006, she prematurely gave birth to their child, Isabel. The pregnancy and birth took a toll on Millie, both physically and emotionally. After her maternity leave was up, she went back to the CSU, doing more lab work and less field work, deciding that she liked the administrative part of the job better (it also fit in better with her new working-mother schedule). She still works in the field and gets called out to crime scenes, but her primary love is the lab, and she wants to one day hold an administrative position within CSU.

Millie was born and raised Catholic. She sang in the choir as a child and teen. In the last few years, however, her connection with the Church has waned, both for personal and political reasons. She believes in God, however not with all of the teachings of the Church. When she does attend, it is mostly out of tradition.

Millie speaks Spanish fluently, as it was her mother and father's native language. Her cooking is not the greatest, but she is trying to learn, particularly now that she has a family.

Her sense of humor is somewhat sharp, sometimes bitingly so. She is very straightforward and is not one to beat around the bush. She is also very determined. As the only daughter in a family of sons, she was always a tomboy, out there getting tackled and doing the tackling with her brothers. She is very physically active, usually working out before work, and often participating in Department sports.

She has a history of anger issues, stemming in part from the clashes she would get into with her parents growing up. When she was serving in Afghanistan, the Humvee that she was riding in was attacked, and some of her closest friends were killed. She still has nightmares, and it is not something she likes to talk about. It is also the source for “survivor’s guilt.” Despite having served in the Reserves, she has mixed feelings about politics, and it is also something she does not like to discuss. If she were to be classified as anything, it would probably be "moderate liberal".

Like her father, she does not let go of things easily. Her father spent much of his career trying to find the body, and the killer, of a 10 year old boy who went missing. It consumed his life, and led him to neglect his actual, live children. Once Millie sets her mind to something, she will do it, regardless of whether she should or not. In work situations, it can be both an asset and a liability. While she continued his search after his death and was close to her father, Millie still also harbors resentment for not being there as much when she and her brothers were growing up.

She can work decently with others and is a leader in the lab. As of January 2008, she is taking night classes at CUNY's John Jay College, working toward her Masters of Science in Forensic Science.

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